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Recorded by F I V E
Mastered by Red Noise Recording


released February 22, 2016



all rights reserved


FIVE Rimouski, Québec

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Track Name: Concombre (feat Sam)
Between two breaths
I try to figure it out
what's your thoughts
What's on your mind

You need to see the way I see
You need to hear what I hear
You need to face what can be faced
to understand how I feel

where you see waste of time
I see devotion
to a cause bigger than all
Track Name: Sable (feat Dome)
Miles after miles
they walk with
what's left to their memories
under a burning sun
they hope it's worth it
will they have our sympathy ?

Courage kept them alive
Give them the force
to pull off the hand
that drowned knowledge
and corrupt their souls

All they want at the end
is things to be their own
a shelter to call "home"
they want to be free
like you and me
Just start to live, no more survival
Track Name: Scorpion (feat Bine from Harriers)
What if I told you it's enough

World needs changes
and so we're taking our chances

We have to fight
not for us
but for the ones
who can't fight for themself

With our heart, with our will

We are strong and free
we are helping those in need
so they can do the same
Track Name: Hg (feat Oli)
Our blinded youth fighting the agony of humanity
we dream about sanity but we can't see through technology
through what our eyes see is an infinity of possiblitity
but instead we evolve in a world where killing humanity is


Freedom and safety is not only for wealthy families.
Track Name: 5 (feat Dawn from Cathédrale)
I feel trap in a mind
A way to see things
where the truth is hiding
and it affects the way I think

I would like to see the unseen colors
I would like to ear these ghost notes

The noise in my head
becomes a melody
the waves of my feelings
grow like a tree

the pain in my head
is relieved
by the wind of an answer